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Canadian Ads Aimed at Ethnic Chinese Upset Some Groups

Rideau Carleton Raceway It partnered with Hard Rock Entertainment for a large casino development that is set to open later this decade. The expansion, which is expected to cost $318 million, will include a 200-room luxury hotel, a 2,500-seat theater, and an expanded gaming floor with 20 new tables for games and 750 additional http://dealbethbo26.tek-blogs.com slot machines as well. This will add to the small casino that was already in existence at the track. The ads, which were paid for by Rideau Carlton, are in Chinese and feature exotic-looking Chinese women and successful Chinese men playing in a gaming area where Asian games are offered. The graphics are loud and bold and demonstrate popular Chinese games, such as pai gow and baccarat. Not only are the ads running on television, but they are also appearing on billboards and in bus shelters throughout Chinatown. While no one is protesting that the advertisement is racially biased or insensitive, community leaders are noting that there is some inherent bias present because of the population targeted. Social health leaders and community activists are questioning the timing of the advertisements by Rideau Carleton in light of a recent study by the Ontario Department of Public Health, which had been doing research on gambling and public health . The researchers found that the rate of gamblers who have gambling problems is more than double for Chinese gamblers than it is for gamblers from other ethnicities.

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